Using the Q-Widget in MIDI Mode

Q-Widget-PRO Midi ModeAs a MIDI remote, the Q-Widget sends 10 separate commands to any MIDI application using only 3 buttons and a knob.

No driver is required on the host computer. Additional setup is necessary in your application. MIDI is transmitted on Channel 16. The Q-Widget sends Note-On messages at velocity 127 when pressed, and Note-On messages at velocity 0 when released.

Available Commands

  • GO button sends on Note 1
  • PAUSE button sends on Note 3
  • STOP button sends on Note 2
  • LEFT knob sends on Note 5
  • RIGHT knob sends on Note 6
  • PUSH knob sends on Note 4
  • STOP + PAUSE buttons send on Note 7
  • PAUSE + GO buttons send on Note 8
  • STOP + PAUSE + GO buttons send on Note 9
  • STOP + GO buttons send on Note 10