Q-Widget-PRO Dual Output Show Control Remote

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The best dual output show-control remote for QLab, Ableton, SCS, SFX, and any application with MIDI support.

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Product Description

For use as a QLab Remote, MIDI Go Button, Ableton Remote, SCS Remote, SFX Remote, or MIDI Remote in supported applications, with dual USB outputs and a footswitch GO jack.

The Q-Widget-PRO is a simple and dependable show-control remote for QLab, Ableton, Show Cue Systems’ SCS, Stage Research’s SFX, and any other Mac or PC application with MIDI support.

Built with the highest quality components, the Q-Widget-PRO is designed to work as hard as you do.

  • Dual USB output for backup systems
  • Footswitch jack as an alternate “GO” input
  • Broadcast-grade switches and encoder
  • Zero-latency, double-go protected firmware

Available with MIDI or our Legacy QLab Mode

The Q-Widget comes preinstalled with your choice of firmware. We recommend the MIDI version in most cases – the MIDI version requires no driver and works natively on Mac OS X and PC Windows. The Legacy QLab Mode is a specific mode intended for users of Figure53’s QLab 3 without a MIDI license – this mode requires a driver.

Why not Wireless, or an iPad/iPhone App?

Don’t take the chance that your Wifi signal is lost at the critical moment you need to fire a cue. Ethernet packets by design can go missing and have to be re-sent, adding latency to your cues. When cue playback for a show is mission-critical, a wired remote is the ONLY reliable way to go.

What’s in the box?

1 Q-Widget-PRO Remote
2 Premium 15′ USB 2.0 Cables
1 Instruction Card / Manual

Using the Q-Widget in MIDI Mode

Q-Widget-PRO Midi ModeAs a MIDI remote, the Q-Widget sends 10 separate commands to any MIDI application using only 3 buttons and a knob.

No driver is required on the host computer. Additional setup is necessary in your application. MIDI is transmitted on Channel 16. The Q-Widget sends Note-On messages at velocity 127 when pressed, and Note-On messages at velocity 0 when released.

Available Commands

  • GO button sends on Note 1
  • PAUSE button sends on Note 3
  • STOP button sends on Note 2
  • LEFT knob sends on Note 5
  • RIGHT knob sends on Note 6
  • PUSH knob sends on Note 4
  • STOP + PAUSE buttons send on Note 7
  • PAUSE + GO buttons send on Note 8
  • STOP + PAUSE + GO buttons send on Note 9
  • STOP + GO buttons send on Note 10

Using the Q-Widget remote in QLab Mode

Q-Widget-PRO QLab ModeAs a QLab remote, the Q-Widget sends 12 separate commands to QLab using only 3 buttons and a knob. The firmware in QLab Mode is intuitive and context aware, multiplying the available functions without the need for button combinations or additional buttons.

Using QLab Mode with the Q-Widget does require a driver be installed on the host Mac. No additional setup is necessary in QLab. Simply install the QLab Mode driver on the host Mac, and the remote will communicate with QLab.

Compatible with all versions of Figure53’s QLab.

Available Commands

  • GO a cue
  • GO the list
  • RESUME a paused cue
  • RESUME a paused list
  • PAUSE a cue
  • PAUSE the list
  • STOP a cue
  • STOP the list
  • RESET the list
  • NEXT cue
  • PREVIOUS cue
  • LOAD cue

Additional Information

Weight N/A

5.80" (147mm)


3.49" (89mm)


1.82" (46mm)

QLab – Driver v1.41 (for QLab 3, no longer maintained)
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    7 reviews for Q-Widget-PRO Dual Output Show Control Remote

    1. Ben

      Great device, does exactly what it needs to. Had an issue today with the drivers for OSX Sierra. But I contacted Widgeteering via their Facebook and had a reply from Chris within 5 minutes. 30 minutes later the show has been saved and 20,000 people can enjoy their gig! I have never had better after service than this!

    2. A.M. Bosworth

      Works every time for classic workspaces in QLab! I want to caution that the knob won’t iterate through cues in a Cart style workspace on QLab 4, but bets are if you’re big into Cart layouts, you’re comfortable with a mouse or touchscreen anyway.

    3. Sam

      Awesome piece of kit – It makes life easier and being able to run a backup seamlessly is now the standard on our shows.

    4. Tyler (verified owner)

      Excellent device. Have used extensively in ‘cannot fail’ show situations. It’s done it all – cued lighting, video, audio, even launched a fireworks show.

    5. Gerber Oliver (verified owner)

      a must for QLAB user! very nice

    6. Thomas lamb

      Device is awesome!

    7. rob

      The Device is great a must for anyone using Q-lab professionally, support is a bit slow though!

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