For QLab, Ableton, SCS, SFX, and any application with MIDI support.

The Show-Control Remote That Performs

The first dual output show-control remote.

We were the first, and we bring experience with nearly 1000 remotes in hundreds of installations in more than 300 cities and 25 countries. Control primary and backup QLab, Ableton, SCS, SFX and other MIDI systems with independent outputs and a footswitch jack for handsfree operation.

Simple, multifunction design.

With context aware software, a smart knob, and button combinations, the Q-Widget becomes a multifunction remote behind a simple interface. As a MIDI remote, 10 functions are available. In native mode, as a QLab remote, the context aware firmware intuitively sends list-level or cue-level commands.

Driverless MIDI or Native QLab modes.

Change modes at any time. The Q-Widget can run in a driverless class-compliant MIDI mode for applications with MIDI support, or in its native made-for-QLab mode with the help of a custom Mac OS X driver.
The Q-Widget-PRO Show-Control Remote

Q-Widget-PRO Dual Output Show Control Remote

The best dual output show-control remote for QLab, Ableton, SCS, SFX, and any application with MIDI support.

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With Nearly 1000 Remotes in More Than 300 Cities and 25 Countries

When Every Cue Matters – Trust the Q-Widget

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